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  • 🚨🚔 Hwy 412 Accident & Delays | $8.4M for Pediatric Care | Ajax Carjackings Arrest | Durham's RIDE Program Update | Aladdin Pantomime & More!

🚨🚔 Hwy 412 Accident & Delays | $8.4M for Pediatric Care | Ajax Carjackings Arrest | Durham's RIDE Program Update | Aladdin Pantomime & More!

Issue #028

Issue #028 - December 28, 2023

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 🚨 Rollover Accident on Hwy 412 Causes Hospitalization and Traffic Delays

💰 Ontario Boosts Pediatric Healthcare with $8.4 Million Investment in Durham Region

🚔 Daring Daylight Carjackings Lead to 20-Year-Old's Arrest in Ajax

 🚨 Festive RIDE Program Sees Surge in Impaired Driving Charges in Durham

🎭 Experience the Pantomime Enchantment of Aladdin - A Magical Carpet Ride

🏆 Trivia

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 📆 Ontario Tech Ridgebacks Celebrate a Year of Firsts in 2023 Athletics Review

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Rollover Accident on Hwy 412 Causes Hospitalization and Traffic Delays

In a recent incident, a rollover collision occurred on Highway 412 near Taunton Road. This accident involved significant vehicular damage, resulting in two individuals being transported to the hospital. The extent of their injuries was not immediately clear at the time of the report. The collision led to traffic disruptions, with both the northbound and southbound left lanes of the highway being blocked. The Highway Safety Division of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. This situation serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the potential for sudden accidents on highways. Source: Twitter/OPP_HSD

Ontario Boosts Pediatric Healthcare with $8.4 Million Investment in Durham Region

The Ontario government is significantly enhancing pediatric healthcare in Durham Region and nearby areas with an investment exceeding $8.4 million. This funding is part of a broader initiative, with the government allocating an additional $330 million annually to pediatric health services across the province. The investment aims to provide children and youth with timely and convenient access to healthcare services within their community.

Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sylvia Jones emphasized the government's commitment to the health and well-being of children. The funding will support the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences with $1.8 million and the Grandview Children's Centre with $6.64 million. These funds will be used to develop and expand various programs and services:

  • Establishing a new Adolescent Eating Disorder Day Treatment Program, offering an eight-hour daily treatment and facilitating smooth transitions between services.

  • Expanding the Adolescent Eating Disorder Day Community-Based Outpatient Program to reduce wait times post-discharge.

  • Hiring additional staff for the Adolescent Eating Disorder Inpatient Unit, improving the patient-to-staff ratio for more direct care.

  • Enhancing children’s rehabilitation services, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language services, at the Grandview Children’s Centre.

Robin Martin, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health, highlighted the government's dedication to providing accessible, high-quality care to children and youth across Ontario. This consistent funding increase ensures that healthcare providers in Durham Region have the necessary resources, staff, and technology to improve pediatric care access and prevent backlogs.

Over 100 high-priority initiatives are being rapidly implemented across Ontario to connect children and youth to various essential services, including emergency care, surgeries, and mental health services. Michael Parsa, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, emphasized the government's focus on putting children and youth first, ensuring timely care delivery and reducing waitlists.

The Ontario government's approach, outlined in "Your Health: A Plan for Connected and Convenient Care," demonstrates a significant commitment to enhancing pediatric care delivery across the province, ensuring easier, faster, and community-centred access for all Ontarians. Read more.

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Daring Daylight Carjackings Lead to 20-Year-Old's Arrest in Ajax

Just a sudden attempt to express the concept of crime.

In a daring sequence of events, a 20-year-old man from Toronto, identified as Ricardo Newell, was arrested following a series of attempted carjackings in Ajax. The incident occurred on the afternoon of December 23, 2023, near Bayly Street West and Kitney Drive. Newell approached a vehicle owner who had just returned from a local business, demanding they exit the car and indicating he had a weapon. After fleeing in the stolen vehicle, Newell crashed into a tree and then attempted to carjack another driver who stopped to help. Fleeing on foot after failing to seize the second vehicle, he was eventually apprehended by police, including K9 and Robbery Units, and the Provincial Carjacking Task Force, after a failed third attempt at carjacking. Newell sustained minor injuries and was taken to a hospital. He now faces 17 charges, including robbery and possession of a weapon for committing an offense.

The dramatic increase in auto-related crimes in the Greater Toronto Area has led to the formation of the Provincial Carjacking Joint Task Force (PCJTF). This collaborative effort, co-led by the Toronto Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police, includes multiple regional police services and aims to disrupt criminal networks involved in violent auto thefts. The task force focuses on maximizing enforcement against criminal organizations. The public is encouraged to assist with any information and may contact the Major Crime Robbery Unit or Durham Regional Crime Stoppers for anonymous tips.

The information in this media release contains facts and circumstances that have been obtained from a police investigation. These allegations have yet to be proven in court. Read more.

Festive RIDE Program Sees Surge in Impaired Driving Charges in Durham

The Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) recently concluded the fifth week of its 2023 Festive RIDE program, a campaign aimed at reducing impaired driving. Throughout the week, officers stopped a total of 1,973 vehicles, a notable increase from the 1,614 vehicles stopped during the same period in 2022. The program involved roadside checks that led to various outcomes:

  • 61 drivers were subjected to roadside breath tests

  • Six individuals received "3 Day Suspensions" for registering a "WARN" on breath tests

  • Four novice drivers faced license suspensions of varying durations

  • 17 drivers were charged with impaired driving offences

  • There were 26 other Criminal Code charges

  • 101 drivers were charged with various Highway Traffic Act offenses

  • No drug offences were recorded

The RIDE program was supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Durham and included the deployment of auxiliary police members. The success of the program was partly due to community involvement, including reports from local business workers, highlighting the crucial role of public vigilance in road safety. The DRPS underscores the importance of reporting suspected impaired drivers and reminds the public that impaired driving is an emergency situation.

Motorists are reminded that the DRPS operates every night, emphasizing that impaired driving is a risky and unacceptable choice. The police encourage drivers to plan ahead and always drive sober. A complete list of those charged with Impaired/Exceed offenses can be found on the DRPS website. Read more.

Experience the Pantomime Enchantment of Aladdin - A Magical Carpet Ride

Photo credit: whitby.ca

Diversified Theatre and DreamCo are set to host a vibrant and entertaining pantomime show, bringing the timeless tale of "Aladdin - A Magical Carpet Ride" to life. This family-friendly production, steeped in the rich tradition of British musical comedy, promises a delightful journey back to ancient Peking, following the adventures of the young and charismatic Aladdin. Audiences of all ages are invited to engage with the energetic cast, cheering, booing, and laughing along as they perform a dazzling array of songs and dances.

Pantomime, known for its unique blend of music, comedy, slapstick, and dance, is a deeply interactive theatre form that often incorporates gender-crossing roles and contemporary humour, all while loosely following the narrative of well-known fairy tales or folk stories. This production of "Aladdin" is no exception, set to offer a magical experience that feels like a wish come true. The show is a perfect opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the festive spirit of pantomime.

Located at 416 Centre St S in Whitby, ON, the Centennial Building Theatre is the ideal venue for this enchanting performance, promising an unforgettable theatrical experience that encourages audience participation, from singing along to interacting with the performers.

See Events below for more details.

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My brother recently landed a feature role in an amateur theatre production of “Singing In The Rain”. Despite what the title infers - there is nothing amateur about it. Production value is high, and the acting takes you out of the auditorium and into your own magical sing-song world. Needless to say - a very proud brother right here.

Which early form of entertainment significantly influenced the development of English pantomime in the 16th century?

  • A) Greek Tragedy

  • B) Commedia dell'arte

  • C) Elizabethan Drama

  • D) French Farce

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Ontario Tech Ridgebacks Celebrate a Year of Firsts in 2023 Athletics Review

The Ontario Tech Ridgebacks had a notable year in 2023, marked by several significant achievements in their athletic programs during the Spring and Summer seasons:

  • New Assistant Coach for Men's Basketball: In May, Sharmarke Mohamed joined the Ridgebacks men's basketball team as a full-time assistant coach.

  • Retirement of Athletic Director: On May 8, the retirement of the inaugural athletic director, Ken Babcock, was celebrated by the Ontario Tech Ridgebacks and Durham Lords.

  • Awards and Recognitions: The Ridgebacks were recognized on May 18 at the OUA CHAMP awards, winning Best G3 Championship for women's curling. Additionally, Hunter the Ridgeback won the best mascot award for the second consecutive year.

  • Alumni Achievements: Nicole Zajac, an alumna of Ontario Tech soccer, won the Ekstraliga title with GKS Katowice on May 30. On June 3, former women's hockey trainer Chelsea McQuade contributed to the Peterborough Petes' J. Robertson Cup win.

  • Professional Debuts and Representations: Trivine Esprit made his professional debut with the Canadian Premier League's York United on June 12, becoming the first Ridgeback to appear in a CPL game. Women's soccer alumna Melanie Hoekstra represented Cambodia in the Southeast Asian Games on June 19.

  • Hosting Honors: Ontario Tech was awarded the opportunity to host the 2024 U SPORTS men's soccer championship on June 28, a first for the school.

  • Inclusion in Officiating: Field lacrosse alumna Dale Wilson became part of the first all-female officiating crew at the world men's lacrosse championship on June 29.

  • Further Player Contracts and Representations: Trivine Esprit officially signed a U SPORTS contract with York United on July 13. Noah Mossavat, a men's soccer midfielder, represented Canada at the Junior Pan American Games on July 18.

  • Golf Classic Event: The annual Ridgebacks Golf Classic was hosted by Ontario Tech at Kedron Dells Golf Club on August 31​​.

Way to go Ridgebacks! Read more.

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Correct Answer: B) Commedia dell'arte

Pantomime's development was strongly influenced by the continental commedia dell'arte, a form of popular theatre that arose in Italy during the Early Modern Period. This "comedy of professional artists" traveled from province to province in Italy and then France, improvising and telling comic stories with lessons for the audience. Key characters included young lovers, old men, and servants, which became staples in pantomime as well​​. Additionally, other influences such as the 17th-century masques and music hall also played a role in shaping pantomime​​, while its traditional performances during Christmas and afterwards included elements like song, dance, slapstick, and audience participation​​.