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  • 🚨 Bowmanville Arrest, Ajax Assault, Brampton Break-Ins | Eco-Friendly Xmas Tree Tips | 🏒 Oshawa Generals Gear Up!

🚨 Bowmanville Arrest, Ajax Assault, Brampton Break-Ins | Eco-Friendly Xmas Tree Tips | 🏒 Oshawa Generals Gear Up!

Issue #029

Issue #029 - December 29, 2023

Happy Kwanza!

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🚔 Bowmanville Man Arrested in Child Sexual Exploitation Case; Faces Multiple Charges

 🚨 Ajax Home Invasion Attempt Leads to Assault and Family Threats; Suspects at Large

 🚓 Brampton Man Arrested for Series of Break-Ins at Hindu Temples 

 🌲 Seven Sustainable Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Christmas Tree

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 🏒 Oshawa Generals Set to Clash with Brantford Bulldogs in Post-Christmas Showdown

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Bowmanville Man Arrested in Child Sexual Exploitation Case; Faces Multiple Charges

Just a sudden attempt to express the concept of crime.

A disturbing case has emerged where a man, identified as Craig Thompson, 42, from Bowmanville, has been arrested on charges related to child sexual exploitation. The Durham Regional Police Service's Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit acted upon information from the RCMP National Child Exploitation Crime Centre about Thompson's plans to engage in sexual acts with a woman's children in the United States.

This information, received on December 27, 2023, detailed a conversation intercepted on the MeetMe chat app between Thompson, using the profile name 'That Guy', and a female residing in Pennsylvania, USA. They discussed meeting to perform sexual acts on her two children, aged two and six. Furthermore, the woman sent sexual photographs of her daughter to Thompson.

Due to the urgency, law enforcement swiftly acted to locate and arrest Thompson. On December 28, 2023, a warrant was executed at his residence in Bowmanville, leading to his arrest without incident.

Thompson faces charges including Agreeing to Commit Sexual Assault Against a Child Under 16, Making Child Pornography, Accessing Child Pornography, and Possessing Child Pornography. He is currently awaiting a bail hearing.

The DRPS ICE Unit, in collaboration with the RCMP, is working with U.S. law enforcement to investigate and take appropriate action against the female involved in this incident.

The Durham Regional Police appreciate the assistance from the Canadian National and Ontario Provincial Strategies to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet, supported by a grant from the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

For more information on the ICE unit and related resources, the public can visit the DRPS website. Anyone with additional information about this case is encouraged to contact the Major Crime Internet Child Exploitation Unit or Durham Regional Crime Stoppers for anonymous tips, with a potential $2,000 reward.

The information in this media release contains facts and circumstances that have been obtained from a police investigation. These allegations have yet to be proven in court. Read more.

Ajax Home Invasion Attempt Leads to Assault and Family Threats; Suspects at Large

In a recent incident in Ajax, two unidentified male suspects attempted to forcibly enter a residence, leading to an assault on the homeowner and subsequent threats to the homeowner and their family. The event occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 21, 2023, near Middlecote Drive and Taunton Road East. One suspect tried to enter the home but was stopped by the homeowner, while the other assaulted the homeowner and tossed a threatening letter inside before both fled.

The first suspect is a medium-built White male, seen wearing a baseball hat, red bandana, grey hoodie, black t-shirt with a white skull and 'Oshawa 81' logo, dark pants, and black/tan work boots. The second suspect, also a medium-built White male, wore a baseball hat, red bandana, black/grey sweater or jacket, blue jeans, and white shoes with black laces.

Authorities are seeking public assistance to identify the suspects. Detective Smith of the West Division Criminal Investigations Branch can be contacted at 1-888-579-1520, extension 2528, for any information. Anonymous tips can be submitted to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or through their website, with potential eligibility for a $2,000 reward. It's important to note that the allegations are based on ongoing police investigations and have not yet been proven in court. Read more.

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Brampton Man Arrested for Series of Break-Ins at Hindu Temples

Police have apprehended Jagdish Pandher, 41, from Brampton, as the primary suspect in a series of break-and-enters at Hindu temples in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. This arrest follows an incident on October 8, 2023, when West Division officers responded to a break-in at a Hindu temple near Bayly Street and Krosno Boulevard in Pickering. Pandher was caught on surveillance footage stealing a significant amount of cash from donation boxes and was linked to additional break-and-enters at other Hindu temples in Pickering and Ajax on the same day.

Further investigations revealed Pandher's involvement in numerous similar crimes at Hindu temples throughout the year. Despite the locations being places of worship, the police have determined that these offenses are not hate crimes or motivated by hate.

Pandher faces multiple charges, including four counts of Break-and-Enter Place Other Than Dwelling, four counts of Possessing Property Obtained by Crime Under $5000, one count of Break-and-Enter with Intent, and five counts of Breach of Probation. He is currently being held for a bail hearing.

The Durham Regional Police are encouraging anyone with information about these incidents to contact Detective Constable Aselton of the West Division Property Crimes Unit. Anonymous tips can be sent to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers, with a potential $2,000 cash reward for valuable information. It's important to note that the allegations are based on ongoing police investigations and have not yet been proven in court. Read more.

Seven Sustainable Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Christmas Tree

With the holiday season coming to an end, many people are faced with the question of how to dispose of their Christmas trees responsibly. There are several eco-friendly and beneficial ways to recycle or repurpose your tree:

Recycling Programs: Many local municipalities run Christmas tree recycling programs. The trees are often chipped into mulch for use in public gardens and parks, enhancing local green spaces. Check with your local waste management department for specific instructions and drop-off locations.

Garden Mulch: If you have a garden, you can chip your tree into mulch. This mulch can be used to protect and enrich your soil, benefiting your plants in the upcoming spring.

Wildlife Shelter: Placing your tree in your garden can provide a winter shelter for birds and other wildlife. To make it more attractive to wildlife, consider decorating it with bird-friendly ornaments like popcorn strings and orange slices.

Firewood: For those with a wood-burning stove or fire pit, your Christmas tree can be cut up and used as firewood. It's important to ensure the wood is dry before burning to prevent creosote buildup.

DIY Projects: The trunk and branches of your tree can be transformed into various crafts, such as coasters, candle holders, or rustic decorations. This is a great way to give your tree a second life and engage in a creative project.

Fish Habitat: In some areas, Christmas trees are collected to create fish habitats in local lakes and ponds. These trees offer shelter and breeding grounds for fish, helping to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems.

Composting: If you have a compost pile, your tree can be a valuable addition. Ensure all non-biodegradable decorations are removed, then chop the tree into smaller pieces to accelerate decomposition.

These disposal methods are not only practical but also environmentally beneficial. As you say goodbye to your festive tree, consider these sustainable options.

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Dusted off the old skates for a hike back into the woods in the middle of snow storm to get this lake to myself.

The Oshawa Generals have won the Memorial Cup multiple times. How many times have the Oshawa Generals won the Memorial Cup, and which of the following years was not one of their championship years?

  • A) 1939

  • B) 1940

  • C) 1983

  • D) 1990

  • E) 2015

Answer posted below.

Oshawa Generals Set to Clash with Brantford Bulldogs in Post-Christmas Showdown

The Oshawa Generals are set to resume their season post-Christmas break with a highly anticipated game against the Brantford Bulldogs at the Tribute Communities Centre. The Generals, currently on a commendable five-game winning streak, have shown remarkable improvement, moving up to third place in the East Division from the bottom of the standings.

The visiting Brantford Bulldogs, positioned second in the East Division and just a point shy of the conference lead, are looking to bounce back after a narrow 6-5 overtime loss to the Kingston Frontenacs.

The last encounter between the two teams saw the Generals secure a 5-2 victory over the Bulldogs. That game was notable for its intensity, with Rasmus Kumpulainen scoring twice for Oshawa in quick succession during the second period. Despite a response from Brantford, the Generals sealed their win with additional goals, including David Bedkowski's first for the season.

Key players to watch in the upcoming game include Stuart Rolofs for Oshawa, the team's captain, who is currently on a three-game point streak, and Florian Xhekaj from Brantford, a Montreal Canadians prospect. Xhekaj has been impressive this season, matching his career-best for points in half the time and coming off a five-game point streak. Read more.

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Correct Answer: C) 1983

The Oshawa Generals have won the prestigious Memorial Cup five times in their history, specifically in the years 1939, 1940, 1944, 1990, and 2015​​. The year 1983, while significant as the Generals returned to the Memorial Cup after a 17-year absence and won the J. Ross Robertson Cup, they did not win the Memorial Cup that year, losing in the finals​​.